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  • Cupping test
  • Low temperature test
  • Adhesive strength test
  • High temperature test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Wear resistance test
  • Solvent resistance test
  • Boiling resistance test
  • Salt resistance test
  • Pencil hardness test
Main Products
  • Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel The mirror aluminum composite panel can better suit application needs of interior decoration than glass mirror, while creating more gorgeous decorative ...
  • Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel The chameleon aluminum composite panel is a novel product that is different from traditional aluminum composite panel, adding a touch of creativity to ...
  • Nano Aluminum Composite Panel The nano aluminum composite panel is formed by coating highly anti-fouling nano paint onto fluorocarbon baking finish. It integrates the advantages of PVDF ...
  • SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System1. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is waterproof and has a water draining function.
    2. It is a simple, light and safe structure.
    3. The SEVEN-SEAM metal ...
  • Aluminum Sheet The aluminum sheet uses superior PVDF paint from PPG of the United States, Nippon of Japan, KCC of South Korea, and other famous brands. The paint comes in nearly one hundred colors...