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Dong E Blue Sky and Seven Color Building Materials Company was established in 1996. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of aluminum building materials in China. We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CE certification, and have been named one of China's Top Brands.

Our focus at SEVEN Panel is to build a strong brand identity globally by providing high quality products. Our aluminum coated coil, aluminum composite panel (ACP), and other products have been tested by SGS for their high quality according to ASTM.

We have five advanced ACP production lines, two solid aluminum product lines, three coating lines, and one honeycomb panel line. Our annual capacity is nine million square meters of ACP, 1,500,000 square meters of aluminum sheet, 30,000 tons of aluminum coated coil and 600,000 square meters of aluminum honeycomb panel.

SEVEN Panel exports to more than 34 countries worldwide, has a branch office in Malaysia, 18 agents and distributors in Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Russia, UAE, Egypt, India, Spain, Germany, so we can fully service customers all over the world.

STAR Values
S- Satisfaction
T- Trusted (since 1996)
A- Approved ( ISO 9001, ISO14001, ASTM, and BS476 pt 6 pt 7 standard)
R- Reliability (fully tested processes from raw materials to finish product)

Our goal is to meet the needs of customers by providing extraordinary services from planning to delivery and also after-sales service. We believe in building a long term and strong relationship with all our customers by creating value and satisfaction.

We are currently servicing customers from across the globe in the building, refurbishment, interior design, corporate imaging, sign and transportation industries. Contact us today and discover our STAR VALUES experience.

Main Products
  • PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel SEVEN Panel we use superior PVDF paint of international famous brands like PPG and VALSPAR of the United States and NIPPON of Japan for our PVDF aluminum composite...
  • Polyester Aluminum Composite Panel The polyester aluminum composite panel comes with polyester paint which, by means of single or double coating, can form a varied decorative layer on the ...
  • Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Features and Applications
    Easy to clean and to maintain, the fireproof aluminum composite panel features attractive design, fast color, light weight, high strength...
  • Marble Aluminum Composite Panel 1. The marble aluminum composite panel offers natural colors and marble patterns that are formed under high temperature baking.
    2. The stone lines on the ...
  • Wood Aluminum Composite Panel The PVDF or polyester paint on the surface of the wood aluminum composite panel is coated through the use of a special technique for various wood grains. The wood ...