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Aluminum Sheet

We at SEVEN Panel provide a vast array of superior aluminum sheet.

Introduction of Aluminum Sheet
Our SEVEN brand PVDF painted aluminum sheet is available in thicknesses of 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm. The sheet is made of high quality, high strength aluminum alloy, and its surface can be made plane, folded, cambered, spherical, or other complicated shapes.

The aluminum sheet uses superior PVDF paint from PPG of the United States, Nippon of Japan, KCC of South Korea, and other famous brands. The paint comes in nearly one hundred colors, offering a wide range of options for customers. Customized service regarding the paint color is also available.

The KYNAR-500 fluorocarbon resin based coating or the PVDF paint on the surface of the aluminum plate offers many advantages such as UV resistance, lasting color and glossiness, strong adhesion, good ductility, impact resistance, and others.

Our aluminum sheet features excellent rigidity, high strength, strong weather and corrosion resistance, good decorative effects and simple, fast installation. It is easy to clean and to maintain.

Features of Aluminum Sheet
1. With high formability, our SEVEN brand aluminum sheet can be freely formed into different shapes. This allows designers to bring their creativity into full play.
2. Providing a wide range of colors, the sheet can create perfect decorative effects.
3. It has a firm connection and is safe and reliable.
4. The aluminum sheet has light weight, which modifies the demand for high load bearing capacity of the framework.
5. It is easy to install which helps shorten the construction period and reduces engineering cost.
6. The aluminum sheet offers sound and heat insulation, ensuring constant humidity inside the building.
7. It has high self-cleaning property, so there is no need of frequent cleaning.
8. The aluminum sheet offers a long lifetime and high reliability.
9. With good oxidation resistance, it produces no pollution to the environment.
10. The eco-friendly aluminum plate is non-inflammable, offering great fireproofing property.

Aluminum Sheet

Related Products
1. Painted Aluminum Sheet

The aluminum sheet curtain wall generally goes through chromizing before PVDF coating. The PVDF paint coating offers great resistance to corrosion, weather, acid rain, salt mist, UV, high and low temperature, and various air pollutants, with fast color and long lifetime. Quality PVDF paint of PPG, AKZO, NIPPON and more are used to ensure the superiority of our aluminum sheet.

Features of Painted Aluminum Sheet
The PVDF spray coating technique provides uniform coating, bright color, and strong cubic effects. The PVDF painted aluminum plate can be made into a wide variety of shapes and colors to accommodate every building decoration requirement people may have.

Application of Painted Aluminum Sheet
The PVDF coated aluminum sheet can be used for balconies, partitions, interior finish, tool housing, and more, in addition to wall cladding.

Aluminum Sheet

2. Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet
Powder spraying works on the principle of electrostatic coating and makes the powder, which does not contain solvents, adhere to the surface of the aluminum plate. The powder coating then undergoes baking at a high temperature of over 200℃, melts and solidifies to form a layer of over 60μm thick, firm and glossy film, which offers decoration and corrosion protection for the aluminum plate. The powder coated aluminum sheet provides a smooth surface, even color, resistance to acid, alkali, impact, abrasion, UV and acid rain, with no pulverization, fading or falling-off.

We at SEVEN Panel use high grade AKZO NOBEL powder coating which has the advantages listed as below.
1. It contains no solvent, so it scarcely affects the environment.
2. It offers weatherability.
3. As a kind of inert color materials, the powder coating has high color stability.
4. Due to high consistency and flexibility, it is damage resistant.
5. The solidified, crosslinked film provides excellent moisture and chemical resisting property.
6. With escaping powder recyclable, the powder coating is very economical.

Aluminum Sheet

3. Painted Aluminum Sheet, Marble Aluminum Sheet
The painted aluminum sheet is made by spraying mixed color paints at specific speed and temperature on the surface of marble aluminum sheet, which has high technical requirements. Our R&D staff, by making detailed analysis of the materials, color paint mixing, coating speed, and baking temperature, has successfully developed reliable painted aluminum plate. The marble aluminum plate features vivid patterns, light weight, easy installation, and short production cycle, and is very popular with designers and builders.

Aluminum Sheet

4. Roller Coated Aluminum Sheet, Wood Aluminum Sheet
The roller coated aluminum sheet refers to the wood aluminum plate that is roller coated and formed into various shapes according to engineering design requirements. It falls into two types, namely, with PVDF coating or with polyester coating, and is used for external walls and interior decoration.

Features of Roller Coated Aluminum Sheet, Wood Aluminum Sheet
1. The roller coated aluminum sheet has light weight, good rigidity, high strength, and strong adhesion.
2. It is HCHO-free and nontoxic, with no poisonous gas emission or light pollution.
3. The roller coated aluminum sheet is fireproof, humidity resistant, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
4. With a variety of natural patterns, the wood aluminum sheet creates good decorative effects.
5. Due to high formability and weldability, the aluminum plate can be plane, folded, box-like, arc-shaped, or made into many other complicated shapes.
6. It is easy and fast to install.
7. It is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, aids environmental protection and resource conservation.

Application of Roller Coated Aluminum Sheet, Wood Aluminum Sheet
The aluminum sheet is suitable for interior and exterior decoration of hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, stadiums, ships, and more.

Aluminum Sheet

5. Anodized Aluminum Sheet
The anodized aluminum sheet is made by electrolyzing conductive acidic electrolyte and making the aluminum surface oxidized, which allows a dense alumina protection film to form on the surface of the aluminum plate. The oxide film is transparent, colorless and has hexagonal honeycomb microcrystalline structure. The film can be the natural color of aluminum which gives people a strong metallic feel, or colored inside the micropores to add a touch of brilliance to the curtain wall.

Features of Anodized Aluminum Sheet
1. With strong pollution resistance, the anodized aluminum sheet is easy to clean and maintain.
2. The sheet has high weatherability. The anodized aluminum plate with 3μm thick oxide film is used in indoor environments, is corrosion, oxidation and rust resistant and has fast color. The sheet with 10μm thick oxide film can be used outdoors and is nondiscoloring even after long exposure to the sunlight.
3. Anodized to have gem-grade hardness and high scratch resistance, the aluminum plate has no paint on the surface and maintains the metal luster. This helps offer a strong metallic feel and improve the added value of the product.
4. Made of pure metal and with chemical substance on the surface, the anodized aluminum sheet has excellent fireproofing property. It is non-combustible at high temperature of 600℃, produces no toxic gas and meets fire and environmental protection requirements.
5. The highly decorative aluminum board has moderate hardness, high formability and is suitable for high speed punching and being directly processed into products. Requiring no surface treatment, it can greatly reduce the production cycle and manufacturing cost.

Application of Anodized Aluminum Sheet
The anodized aluminum plate can be used as aluminum ceiling board, curtain wall plate, fireproof panel, honeycomb panel, electric appliance panel, cupboard panel, furniture plate, and others.

Specifications of Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Thickness: 0.4-5.0mm
Surface: Silver color, copper color, titanium silver, brushed, etc.
Shape: The anodized aluminum sheet can be made into different shapes according to design drawing.

SEVEN Panel is a major manufacturer and supplier of aluminum sheet based in China. In order to satisfy customer demands, we provide a wide range of aluminum building materials, like aluminum composite panel, aluminum coated coil, and aluminum honeycomb panel, etc. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. All of our products are produced in strict compliance with international standard, and customers can feel secure in purchasing our products. Our company is located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province where we have convenient access to many kinds of transportation, which facilitates the transport of our products and greatly reduces the freight charges for our customers. We look forward to working with customers all over the globe.
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