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  • SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System1. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is waterproof and has a water draining function.
    2. It is a simple, light and safe structure.
    3. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is flexible and quick to install.
    4. There is not need to use silicone glue and the metal roof system avoids pollution due to aged silicone ...
  • SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system, as a kind of standing seam roofing system, provides beautiful design and excellent performance. Its installation is fast and simple, with no need of perforations. It has an intact panel surface and good waterproofing property.
    The aluminum roofing panel is made by using aluminum alloy coil which goes through continuous rolling...

The high grade metal roofing system with sheet thickness within 0.7mm and 1.2mm uses anti-corrosion, lightweight, high-strength and durable metal panel (such as Ti-Zn panel, aluminized and galvanized color steel panel, and more), aluminum alloy panel or stainless steel panel.

We at Seven Panel offer a standing seam roofing system and a 360 degree double-seam roofing system. Both types of the metal roofing system come in a wide variety of roofing structures, which can meet different requirements.

Features of Metal Roofing System
1. The metal roofing system comes with no connection, no screw holes, and makes the building look intact.
2. The roofing panel of the roofing system can be bent to be arc-shaped.
3. Customers can choose difference texture and colors.
4. The roofing system has a waterproof structure and drainage function, and is maintenance free.
5. The metal roofing system suits use for roof slope as small as 1.5 degree.
6. The roofing panel, together with the base plate, offers strong resistance to wind load. It is typically used in areas where there are a lot of typhoons and heavy rains.
7. The metal roofing system can eliminate stress generated by expansion and contraction.
8. The roofing system is easy to install and very economical.
9. The metal roofing system facilitates laying the heat insulation and sound absorbing panels.
10. With no need of chemical sealant or glue, the building roofing system avoids problems like pollution and aging.
11. Field processing of the metal roofing panel can be offered.

As a China-based manufacturer of metal roofing system, certified by ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004, SEVEN Panel also provides aluminum composite panel, aluminum coated coil, aluminum sheet, and aluminum honeycomb panel, etc. As a result of superior quality, economical prices and good after-sales service, our CE certified products are highly sought after by customers from Russia, Germany, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, India, and more. Our company is located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province where we have convenient access to many kinds of transportation, which facilitates the transport of our products and greatly reduces the freight charges for our customers. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to call us right now!

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