SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System

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SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system, as a kind of standing seam roofing system, provides beautiful design and excellent performance. Its installation is fast and simple, with no need of perforations. It has an intact panel surface and good waterproofing property.

The aluminum roofing panel is made by using aluminum alloy coil which goes through continuous rolling and forming to obtain the appropriate length. Requiring no longitudinal connection, the roofing system removes any risk of leakage. Processing of the aluminum roofing panel can be carried out at the construction field.

SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System

Shapes of Roofing Panel
The unique formability of the aluminum profiled panel for our SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system enables design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection. The panel can be straight, tapered, curved, or any other shapes, which offer a wide range of fascinating options for creating stunning architectural designs.

With the introduction of the SEVEN-ZIP TX metal roofing system and the profiled panel, it is now possible to achieve extremely complex shapes and tight radii, and to transform computer-generated designs and structural principles into reality. Even unconventional roof shapes can be accomplished.

SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System

Materials of Roofing Panel
A host of materials can be used for the roofing panel of the SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system. In addition to the aluminum alloy surface, the roofing panel can provide a specially treated surface with PVDF painting, standard stucco-embossed finish, and more.

With the latest surface finishing and processing technology, the SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system offers a wide range of finishes and painting colors.

In addition to aluminum, the SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system can use other materials like copper and stainless steel for its roofing panel. This provides more options to the discerning architect or planner.

SEVEN-ZIP Metal Roofing System

Specifications of Roofing Panel
We offer the roofing panel in varied width to meet different design requirements in terms of strength, appearance and building regulations.

The profiled panel for our SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system is used for buildings in all sizes and can be shaped to suit almost all design requirements.

SEVEN Panel is a major manufacturer and supplier of SEVEN-ZIP metal roofing system based in China. In order to satisfy customer demands, we provide customers a wide array of aluminum building materials, like aluminum composite panel, aluminum sheet, aluminum coated coil, and aluminum honeycomb panel, etc. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. All of our products are produced in strict compliance with international standard, and customers can feel secure in purchasing our products. Our company is located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province where we have convenient access to many kinds of transportation, which facilitates the transport of our products and greatly reduces the freight charges for our customers. We look forward to working with customers all over the globe.

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