SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System

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SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System

SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is a full-support roof system. Without the aid of any other filling materials, the roof panel, through 360° folding, is 100% impervious.

SEVEN-SEAM roof panel is used for special three-dimensional arc shape processing and can accommodate application needs for domes in different sizes.

The slab rib of the SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system can strengthen waterproofing property and help create a distinct outline of the roof. The slab rib material can be steel, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc-cu-ti, and others, which helps build varied metal roofs.

SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System

Materials of SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System
A wide variety of materials can be chosen for the SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system. With high material utilization up to 88%, it is practical to use precious metal as the roof material. It not only helps improve the waterproofing property but enhances the building grade. Materials that are available include pure titanium, pure copper, stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, and so on.

Features of SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System
1. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is waterproof and has a water draining function.
2. It is a simple, light and safe structure.
3. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is flexible and quick to install.
4. There is not need to use silicone glue and the metal roof system avoids pollution due to aged silicone and offers an increased life span.
SEVEN-SEAM Metal Roof System 5. It offers natural ventilation and a long life span.
6. The SEVEN-SEAM metal roof system is easy for three-dimensional shaping.

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