Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

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Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

The chameleon aluminum composite panel is a novel product that is different from traditional aluminum composite panel, adding a touch of creativity to decorated buildings. Due to different coloring matter, viewing angles, and wavelengths of the light reflected in human eyes, people will feel that the chameleon aluminum composite panel presents a different color at each viewing angle.

Specifications of Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel
1. Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
2. Standard width: 1,220mm, 1,250mm, 1,500mm
    Length: Customized; Max. 10m
3. Aluminum foil thickness: 0.08mm-0.6mm (+/-0.02mm)
4. Production deviations:
    Width: +/-2.0mm
    Length: +/-3.0mm
    Thickness: +/-0.2mm
    Diagonal: <5.0mm

SEVEN Panel is a professional manufacturer and supplier of chameleon aluminum composite panel based in China. We provide aluminum coated coil, aluminum sheet, metal roofing system, and aluminum honeycomb panel, etc. to suit customers' various needs. As a result of our continued focus on product quality and environmental protection, we have received ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates, and our products are CE certified. You can feel at ease in purchasing our products. Our location in Liaocheng City, near the port city Qingdao, provides us with easy access to convenient transportation, which reduces our transportation cost, enabling us to offer quality aluminum building materials at economical prices. For further information, we welcome you to contact us.
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